Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Recipe #31 -Baked Bean Bruschetta topped with Scrambled egg

Baked Bean Bruschetta 
topped with Scrambled egg

Serving 2 person
Total time needed: 10 minutes

Ingredients you will need:
1.     ½ loaf of medium Bruschetta bread
2.    ½ tbsp. butter
3.    ½ tbsp. oil
4.    1 egg
5.    ½ tsp. salt ,
6.    ½ tsp. pepper
7.    ½ tin of baked beans
8.    Parsley for garnish

1.     First cut the Bruschetta loaf into diagonal pieces (1.5-2 inches thick)
2.    Place  butter in to  a pan, once it has melted add the pieces of bread and leave to brown. (You could place in a toaster instead)
3.    Place oil in another pan, once it is hot break the egg and leave for 30 seconds, then with a wooden spoon lift and fold a few times.
4.    Then add salt and pepper to the scramble egg.
5.    Then heat half tin of baked bean in a pan for 2-3 minutes or a microwave for 40 seconds.
6.    To assemble place baked beans and then the scramble eggs on top.

7.    Then garnish with parsley.

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